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Livin’ and Survivin’

You will probably not believe me when I say that this preteen stage that my two oldest children are in is the one of the most enjoyable stages EV-A!  The rest of the world seems to dread the thought of their kids hitting the teen years. I am determined NOT to hate the teen years. I want to enjoy as many of the moments as I can.

There were many years that The Reverend and I spent a lot of time with preteens and teenagers. I love their crazy little selves.

1. Their bodies are growing way too fast for their brains to keep up and as a lovely result they are a little less likely to think about what they are saying and they say pretty cool things! Or, they say strange things that don’t make sense in the least and it is fun to see them try to communicate to the people around them. Mostly, they just say random stuff that comes out sounding disrespectful but they are trying to be funny.

2. They are honest. Somehow, telling me I have a big butt was right for a certain preteen of mine to say to me. I replied with, “I can hardly wait to see you with your new woman curves in a few years. Now that should be interesting!” I left her guessing and with her hoping that her butt would take after some smaller genes.

3. You can mess with their minds so EASILY! I told one of my kids that if they were going to not listen to me for the 1000th time in a row, I would put short shorts on and go screaming down the road in front of our house. My daughter said “You can wear short shorts?” Well, that wasn’t really thought out on my part. But the other kid thought I was serious and went back to work after he said “You wouldn’t dare.” and getting an “I wouldn’t, would I?” in reply, with an Evil eyebrow twitch.

4. The meltdowns can be downright hysterical. Until someone loses an eye. But really, the drama! It’s impressive enough that I am tempted to pop popcorn and munch while I watch the action.

5. They are just big kids. They like playing silly games and we can act like goofs and they think it’s fun.

6. they may not say they are needing a hug or a wrestle like they used to but they most certainly need them. I love to give them these hugs or tackles because they usually end a smiling face and with them trying to remind me how much taller they are…ok, ok, I get it. I’m SHORT.

7. Sometimes they act like big babies so I talk to them in a baby voice. I tell ya, this one gets RAVES…or is that RAGES? Somehow they don’t like to be told they are being babies, but if you act the part I’ll treat you the part. Coochey Coochey Coo!

8. I’m losing weight because my growing kids are eating all the food as fast as I buy it. Of course, it’s not the fruits and veggies but next week that’s all I’m buying. Think they’ll notice?

9. They talk a lot….I mean, a LOT, like you NEED to know everything that’s going on. In a couple more years, I’ve heard that they completely stop talking except in grunts and groans so I’ll enjoy it while I can. I’ll enjoy the silence just a little when that stage hits.

10. They are starting to sleep in later, and this mom has NEVER been a morning person. So hip hooray! Let’s bring on the late sleeping stage 🙂

11. Their hearts are in need of just as much direction, encouragement and love as when they were happy little tweeny bops. It’s fun to see my kids shine in doing what they love and receiving praise for things well done.

So, It’s officially my favorite stage (besides the snuggly baby stage) and I’ll let you know if I change my mind like a teenager and things go south.  Oh sure, there are all those mood swings, but popcorn. It shuts them up and it is like living a reality show in my very own living room. Who needs cable? Not me!