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Pubescent awesomeness!


I was getting the feeling that I was talking to myself and saying the same things over and over again until I got sick of me telling me stuff. After a time my darling boy, who usually loves to please people, said “Mom, why are you telling me over and over to do things? I’m getting really tired of it.”

Oh, really?

This has gone on a while now and I am thinking it’s not just me being annoying.

I know that many children need reminding a time or two, but with J-man, he has always needed a bit of micro-managing. I can only tell him a step or two before he tunes me out and forgets the direction I gave him a few seconds ago. I’ve learned this the hard way.

For a while it seemed that either he was able to follow direction more easily or I was  getting really good at only giving one direction at a time or we were both forgetting what I’d just said at the same time. Either which way, apparently I was droning on and on about the same things all the time which annoyed him to no end. I thought I was just trying to get things done.

I thought maybe he was sleep-deprived for a while but it turns out it could be puberty. The experts say that children in this stage lose their minds, so to speak. Their brains are impaired by the chemical changes that occur. I would tend to agree by what I’ve seen of the junior high age.

I actually really love this age, if you were wondering. It’s my favorite age group to work with as far as being in the ministry. Pre-teens or early teens are weird and funky (smell ain’t everything!) and they are thrilled when adults are weird too. The Reverend and I fit in well 😉

I suppose that we will get a lot of practice “loving” this stage because, as we did with babies and toddlers, we are going to be going through it for a while,now that we’ve started it.