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Coming down from Summer Camp high

I forgot how much that kid can talk!  He was only gone five days but I guess it was five days that found my other children able to actually get a word in edgewise. I knew something was different.

Despite J-man having a few issues that I thought may make summer camp a difficult experience, he had an absolutely fabulous time! He can’t stop talking about it, telling me the same stories over and over with a few new ones tossed in every now and then.

Apparently, what made it fun was that his whole cabin loved talking about farts. I mean, what 10-11 year-old boy doesn’t? I think farts are funny and I’m a forty-something woman. I come by it honestly. My whole family thinks bathroom humor is hilarious. The irony is that now that I’m a parent of a fart-loving boy, I have to pull the plug on potty humor when it gets out of hand, which is pretty much always. It may seem to my boy that I am a farty pooper, but it simply isn’t true.

When I dropped him off at camp, I “warned” the cabin leader that J-man could get carried away with potty humor so he could tell him to cut the crap if needed. The adult-looking camp counsellor was all “Oh, I will…I’m not afraid to tell the boys like it is.” What he didn’t know is that J-man is an inherent truth-teller that tells everything. This character trait has bit me in the hind end  a few times. The cabin leader was totally in on the action.

Pillow fights and fart talk. That’s what Bible camp is all about, right?

I asked if he learned anything about God. He said he did, although the cabin leader did have to call in the Head Director Guy at one point to tell the boys to knock it (potty mouth) off during Bible time. Probably didn’t help that the Director Guy was totally down with some of the humor and instigated a time or two. It’s hard to play both sides of the humor mill. Trust me. I’ve tried. The Director Guy was just shooting himself in the foot by being “cool”.

Why was I so worried again? Oh yeah. I thought J-man would miss me. Riiii-ight.

Turns out he was crying tonight because he couldn’t go back to camp right away. He missed the guys so much. He’s already asked me 5 times if he can go back next summer.


Moment of dread

Yesterday I was having an intense conversation with a good friend when the call waiting (generally a nuisance feature) indicated the camp was calling. The camp where I sent my son this week. My heart did a triple take and I told my friend I needed to go b/c it was the camp. Immediately, she understood and hung up. I could not figure out how to hang up and pick up quickly enough as my fingers trembled a bit.

“Hello? Is this Judy?” Said the voice.

Inside my head I am wondering how bad is it that they are trying to contact my Mother-in-Law? She was one of the emergency contacts on the form.

“No this is Marcy, Josh’s mom.” I replied, keeping my cool.

“I was told to return your call.” Said the voice again.

“My call? You mean the call from last week?” I breathed. She was not calling that my child was maimed in any way.

“I was just given a message to call you.” She said.

“Well, I think it was about the registration and that we wanted to know if he was accepted or not. I think we worked it out last night. He’s there.” I was so relieved and a little annoyed at how after-the-fact it was for her to be calling. Truth be told, I was a little put off that it wasn’t an emergency and my heart had raced for nothing. Well, except that my child was apparently unscathed thus far.

“I thought you were calling because J-man was hurt.” I said.

“Oh no!  He’s just fine and doing really well!”

Ok then. I guess I could have just kept talking with my friend about a really important life event.

**So happy she called just to accidentally tell me that my son is doing well at camp!**