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Importance of sleep


This week has been a week that went from extreme quiet to very busy. You know the type of busy that is always with people? Well, that kind makes my boy a special kind of Aspie. SUPER Aspie. Get where I’m going with this? AND he had all sorts of artificial food dyes.

Yesterday, he had a fabulous day with friends. He has a great friend who “gets” him. They are both very similar and get along famously. They played well together all day. At the end of the day (I was taking care of this friend and siblings for the day) as we were having a supper and he just couldn’t take anymore and broke down crying (with me in a private conversation). He told me he was done with all the people. He needed to engage his recharge and retreat method of dealing with TOO MUCH. I let him retreat.

I wasn’t sure how he would handle today as he had Basket Ball and a Sledding party on his schedule. He went sledding with the youth group and they had a great time. Yay!! He told me he had all sorts of pop and junk food which made him so happy. I tried to not nag him about the whole “PLEASE DON’T EAT OR DRINK THINGS THAT ARE PINK/RED!!!” He came home late and Then BAM! The fatigue hit and Jman became a deaf robot. That is typically what happens when he’s DONE like dinner. He walks around the house aimlessly. Tonight, I tried to get him to shower four times. The first time he got into the shower but didn’t actually wash his hair. I told him to go back to do it at LEAST three times. He kept walking off forgetting I had said anything. He tried to give me attitude at this point but it was short-lived and he managed to make it down to wash his hair.

I told him it was time for bed and to go to sleep. I assumed he would fall asleep quickly. I had hoped.

Almost 10pm…2 hours after telling him to go to bed, he was awake and still reading. OH MY why did I assume he was so tired he’d fall asleep without reminder. WRONG Mommy! 🙂 Never assume. I needed the child to do the very thing that his body was begging him to do.

I can say with a certainty, that comes with past experience, that tomorrow could be a very, very hard day for my son. Poor guy. Poor siblings. I hope he is right as sunshine on a cloudy day, but then I have a lot of history that says I’m dreamin’.

Sleep is so integral. SO important for my Aspie kid. It makes all of our lives easier when there is good sleep patterns going on.

It also reminds me to be more careful of when he is out of routine. He needs reminders all the time for everything and I need strategies where he can attain more independence in it. It would lessen the nagging/constant reminding that drives him crazy.

Sleep. Now I need to go and get mine.