Labels are coming off

I had a conversation today that was a confirmation of what I have been thinking lately. We are going from a family of children with “challenges” or special needs to a family of quirky kids (and adults). A friend of mine told me that she doesn’t see what I am talking about when I mention the issues we face and I told her that I have been thinking the same things lately. Things are changing.

We have always known our kids are all very different from each other. Some of them have taken longer than the average child to catch onto some things. Others have done those same things sooner than the average. We first sought “labels” to get support for the issues we saw. I didn’t want to live by the labels but it definitely helped me understand some of the needs our kids had.

In the last year, I have seen J-man mature and grow as a person. I have always seen his potential and I believe he is now coming into that. He is a unique and wonderful personality. His emotions, though they run deep and sometimes wild, have become more mellow and mature. He is letting go of me as his safety net and is now standing on his own feet, so to speak. Like a young bird learning how to fly he has made the choice to leave the nest in a few circumstances and the change I see is spectacular!

Honey Bear (our youngest) struggled with hearing and sight for the first few years of life. While this may have slowed her down a few steps, she is rapidly gaining ground. Her sense of humor is by far the best quirk about her. Someone said today that she’s always smiling. It was so great to hear something that I hadn’t really noticed. I know she has a great sense of humor about her but the smiling I didn’t notice. Maybe I am used to it.

Although Ninja has always had quick reflexes and a strong body, he’s struggled with sensory issues. He continues to struggle with some of those sensory overloads but has sought athletic excellence as the summer months roll along. That kid can make baskets that would make a basketball player weep. He can hardly wait to do slam dunks, although he may lack the height in the end…but you never know!

Belle was obviously a bright mind from the start. I used to think she was bored as a newborn and I was probably right. I would wonder if in her head she was thinking “I can hardly wait to read or walk or do something!” She and I are both strong willed so we would clash, but recently we’ve created a bond that is amazing for me. I didn’t think it would ever happen. We’ll see what the teenaged years bring.

It is exciting to see kids overcome adversity as they grow and mature. Life always seems to throw curve balls but I am thankful I have the family that God has given me to go through life with.


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