HE started bouncing this morning to a degree I haven’t seen for a while…since removing artificial dye and its artificial cohorts. There were occasional days where he was allowed, like Valentines Day, and one day was all he got. For the next 24-36 hours we had such a major noticeable difference in behavior, I’ve been more convinced that there is a need for keeping artificial dyes out of his diet.

So yesterday, without thinking, my darling man took the kids for a treat. Ice cream!  How exciting. Except they picked the Bubblegum flavor which is packed with dyes of all sort.

Cue bouncing. Thankfully, the season is changing and we can say “Go bounce on the trampoline.” But when he has to focus inside we are met with bouncing and hopping and flapping of arms and HE doesn’t even notice.

He says “At least I’m happy!”

Um yeah…

Detox includes lots of water. And lots of bouncing.


2 thoughts on “Bouncing

  1. Try Epsom salt baths. Or baking soda (1/2 tsp) in a drink. Both things seem to help the detox go faster here. It’s been a long, unfocused, and defiant month here. And I forgot to keep my food diary so I can’t even begin to figure out what set us off. It’s frustrating isn’t it that a simple litte treat can throw your house hold off for so long.

    1. Thank-you Faith! I haven’t heard of those “detox” remedies before. We had a church juice incident Sunday and it took until today to get a little less “activity” going on. In fact, he woke up at 2am at Gramma and Grampa’s and didn’t fall back asleep. The real kicker was that he kept our daughter up too and so they were both not their awesome selves for the whole time there. Dye plus insomnia means unhappy grandparents. We survived though. Some days I have to scratch my head to understand where we went “wrong” because a few have gone off their rockers. It pretty much always leads to food additives. I hate to be annoying to other people about it but they don’t have to deal with the LONG hours of behavior after.

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