Aspie elevating

Brain cell(s)
Brain cell(s) (Photo credit: jepoirrier)

Not a long post today on what it looks like for my Aspie to get all elevated when stressful times are about to occur or when his routine is messed up.

The imminent departure for us means it gets messy in his brain for him.

*Schedules are upset (though Grandma has awesome ideas)

*Sleep is interrupted because he’s sleeping with a noisy (snoring) brother b/c we are in his room until we leave (biggest bed). He gets it back when we leave so the sleep should be better.

*Sleep deprivation makes the stress of us leaving seem all that worse.

*Focus for more than a nano-second goes to crap

*Incessant talking ramps up

*Eating stops because he’s spaced out and stressed out.

*Lack of food makes him more grumpy. At school it makes him emotional.

*Hand flapping gets noticeable and irritating if you are sitting at the table with him (which sister was and then it got ugly fast)

All of this is very predictable and will be somewhat out of his control, despite usually not having to deal with all the extra Aspie behaviors anymore, until we come back and decompress.

Hoping that he eases back down to stress levels that they can all cope with. Here’s to hoping.

This is why I need the break. Sometimes the extra behaviors drive me wild.

Then again, I’m going to miss my Aspie boy.



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