Daddy and Mommy are running away for a week

Jamaica (Photo credit: Cruise Buzz)

My darling hubby and I are leaving for a vacation to a tropical paradise in a few short nights. Twenty years of marriage, four kids, and one cat later, we need it! WE haven’t been out of country together since Disneyland 1996. That’s a long time ago! And if you count that I had a bad sinus cold at the time, it really doesn’t count. I can’t WAIT!! We’re going to Jamaica…**insert happy dance here**

And do you know what that means to an Aspie? Yes, it means we are upsetting his apple cart of life and throwing lots of “not the regular” kind of things at him.

I am ok with this. And he thinks he is ok too.

He is almost eleven. My first baby turns 11 while we’re gone! Oh, I know, we are very mean. He is getting so “mature” and more able to anticipate things. Happily, he gave his blessing as he seems to know that this time away, in the sun, will do us some good. My eldest daughter thought she may stow away in our suitcase. I don’t think so, chickie, because I’m doing a head count before we leave.

While we are gone Grams and Gramps will take care of the critters. They travelled from two provinces away, on winter roads, to help us pull off this escape of grand proportions. They are going to do fabulous!  Both the kids and the grandparents.

I think I worry my parents with all the talk of sleep walking, keep them off of red dye, please don’t forget this medication… but I know they will be awesome. Afterall, they have to be, because we’ll be a long plane trip away and can’t call us home. Tee hee.

No really, I think my kids will keep it together until we get back. That’s when there will be he** to pay. A whole week out of their “normal” routine with mom and dad gone? Ow, it’s probably going to hurt. But then, we’ll have a tan to remind us what an awesome time we had together, look at each other with a “Hey Mon” and chill about it. Right?


I’m not thinking of the “fall-out”, as I so lovingly, have dubbed what happens after a vacation/time out of our normal routine. I am thinking Jamaican thoughts. Laying on the beach thoughts…happy thoughts.


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