When momma bear gets frustrated

Malayan sun bear (aka honey bear) at Burgers Z...
Malayan sun bear (aka honey bear) at Burgers Zoo, Arnhem, the Netherlands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After years of trying to get the cogs of the “Machine” to move (aka, lighting the fire of action under the butt of the school officials) today seems to have pushed the limit for me.

I was taking Honey (the youngest) to a new appointment at the school. This one was for a Family oriented SLP session. In the session, they are to teach us what we could do to help/support Honey at home. What I didn’t know, is that the “powers that be”, hired a stranger (yet again) and this stranger (albeit very nice) came in with NO PLAN whatsoever to start session. Now, SLP’s usually have a plan based off of an assessment. She had NO assessment given to her by the school, who was coordinating this event. She only had a  name (Honey’s) and knew nothing about her and her issues. When she came in late (roads were bad)  I was already worked up. But when she said she had nothing to plan and didn’t know where to go with the session, I about skyrocketed! I don’t just come to these appointments because I love them, you know. I come to a professional so that they can help US.

First off, school board, why are you hiring yet ANOTHER SLP that my child does not know? Thre are plenty of SLP’s that have worked in our school. Why one from almost 2 hours away? Why does it seem that you don’t care that children with special needs need consistency and relationship for there to be any cohesive plan. I won’t go on…I could rage on for a while.

Secondly. why wasn’t the SlP ready for the day? Who didn’t get the paperwork to her in time. She had a WHOLE extra week to plan because our inclement weather delayed our meeting last week.

I got STEAMED. And was about to give “whoever” a piece of my mind for not having the professionalism to give her the right paperwork. I was abrupt with the secretary then immediately apologized for my rudeness. The the principle came out, to whom I said “I’m so upset I can’t speak.” He took me to find one of the people who needed to be addressed and we found her right away. I explained the situation to her and she seemed just as ticked that the needed paperwork was not there. Yay. At least she had expected everything to be in order and had done what she could to make it so.  That means she wasn’t responsible.

It turns out I was not actually that upset about today’s mishap and miscommunication. Yes I was upset, but rather much, I’d say.  There was a  larger frustration at hand. The incident today triggered my frustration with the last 6 years and how this school (or rather the special ed dept) has been difficult to work with, not professional and will not think “outside the box”.

The gal that does Hannah’s planning IPPs and everything is new and I like her a lot. She coordinates the program. She just has really challenging things to work with. Won’t go there. I will another time.

At the end of the day, I may need to apologize to people I may have barked at and paced in front of. I think it pressed that button of frustration that has mounted over the last few years. That’s what I need to address and I will.


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